In our constant endeavours to improve our factory and conditions of our workers, Concorde Garments Ltd has achieved the following high-level certifications in the field of quality, ethical trade and social compliance:


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Global Group ISO 14001 ISO 9001:2008
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WRAP Sedex
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Audit Status

Concorde Garments Ltd





18 Aug 14

FCC(Category-A) achieved GREEN scoring 86.82% marks

14 Aug 14

CTPAT Scored 95 out of 100.

13 Aug 14

ES audit assessment grading “ Yellow”

ISO 14001:2004

18 Jan 14

ISO Environmental Certificate Achieved

TARGET Technical

19 Jan 14

Yellow, Scored 76.57


22 Jan 14



1 Feb 14


PVH Social

18 Feb 14



29th -30th March 14


ZARA Social

2 April 14



16 July 14

1. Technical grading " Ambar " suitable for production.
2. Social compliance “Category 3, which is highest grading in BD"
3. Fire safety " B accepted"


21 August 13

96.07(GRADE A)


25 October 13

Acceptable with Issues
(This is the highest score in Bangladesh, Fist Grade name is Accepted-which is not in Bangladesh)



To stay static is to fall behind. That is why we have not just confined to our core business, rather taken our core business and made it expand beyond the boundaries that garments manufacturing plants offer.

The CONCORDE BRAND NAME has thus expanded beyond the realms of garments and stretched further into many other SBUS producing a wide range of products for an ever-increasing range of clients.




The garments sections of Concorde Garments Group is specialised in producing around 1,000,000 units of men’s and ladies’ woven tops, based on its experience in manufacturing for the biggest retailers in the world, for the past 36 years.




We have taken our manufacturing skills, expanded the knowledge and management skills and have own various other strategic business units to produce various products.

We also have a joint venture with the biggest Chinese manufacturer, to produce Interlining.

Each of the business units has kept to some degree of their unique identities, which helps customers and staff to remember the long and proud histories of Concorde Garments Group.




Osman Interlinings Limited (OIL), a concern of Concorde Garments Group, was formed in 1992 to supply high quality interlinings to the garments industries.

In 2003, OIL teamed up with Doublegull Interlinings Ltd., the largest interlining manufacturer in the Peoples Republic of China, and formed OTL-Doublegull Manufacturing Company, a joint venture company that currently manufactures interlinings, and is located in the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Currently, OTL-Doublegull Manufacturing Company is the largest manufacturers of woven and non-woven interlinings in Bangladesh.

OTL-Doublegull Manufacturing Company's interlinings are nominated for all high-end buyers, and current manufactures about 200 types of interlinings.

Interlinings are made here under strict quality controlling mechanisms.

A thorough company profile of OIL can be provided on request.

In 2016, OIL created the world’s first Green interlining factory, to provide factories around there world with high quality interlining, while taking care of the environment as per the needs of the 21st century. For more information, please visit




  • Keeping in mind the need for quick delivery of accessories, Concorde Garments Group formed Osman Accessories Ltd. (OAL) in 2005 to source high quality accessories for itself and the emerging garments factories of Bangladesh
  • OAL is currently sourcing all required accessories from different accessories factories under strict quality monitoring processes and supplying to the leading garments industries.


C & F Agency


We have our own C&F agency to help import and export our products. Our C&F personnel are located at all regulatory port areas like Dhaka Airport, Dhaka ICD, Chittagong Port, Benapole Port, etc.

Having own C&F agency helps us release imported goods quickly, at relatively competitive cost. This also helps while exporting the goods.

We also have our partnered transport agency to transport our raw materials from various ports to our production units and export the same to nominated ports. This reduces the hassle to wait for transportation in case of urgency and during rush season.


Software and IT


Our of our sister concerns, SSL Wireless ( was founded almost a decade ago with a vision to provide cross platform software solutions through emerging technologies. The company has its focus in providing exclusive mobile applications and content services to an increasing mobile subscriber base in Bangladesh. Our service provision includes dedicated and shared mobile short codes and WAP solutions to business entities that have wider stakeholder coverage across the country. We have successfully positioned ourselves as the M.V.N.O (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) in Bangladesh for mobile data services and the benchmark service provider in mobile financial services.

We are constantly innovating our technology to suit the changing needs of Bangladesh's leading financial institutions, media channels, entertainment companies, telecoms operators and enterprises; and those of their mobile phone users.


SSL's service lines are focused on application and contents that can be segregated in the following categories:


  • Mobile Financial Services
  • Mobile News Services
  • Mobile Enterprise Data Services
  • Mobile Portal Services
  • Digital Security Services


We have partnered with some of the best companies renowned worldwide for contents, development and security assurance. Our clients count on us as we are helping them to create competitive advantage and tangible performance enhancement through using our services. We extend you a warm welcome to our website, Please feel free to take a look at what we do and if there is anything more we can help you with, don't hesitate to contact us.


Architectural Glass


With only two workers and a work station of 400 SFT, Reflections, a Decorative and Architectural Art Glass company, was set up in 1998 for the Bangladesh market. We provide sandblasted, engraved and colored glass into the range of products offered. We have recently moved to a much larger studio of 2200 Sq.Ft. The number of workers increased, as did production and the market.

In 2002 with a further aim to expand and to become a full service studio providing the entire range of Decorative Art Glass and Architectural Glass, Reflections entered into an international franchise agreement with SGO, an international franchise company based in Orange, California. Founded in 1974, SGO began franchising its designer glass process in 1981. Stained Glass Overlay has over 150 locations in the United States and Canada, and strong representation in 35 other countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Kuwait, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Malaysia, Romania, Portugal, Morocco, Madagascar, India Russia and Bangladesh. SGO is a world leader in the custom architectural decorative glass sector.

In 2005, due to growing demand, Reflections opened a second showroom in the city of Chittagong.

At present the company has 24 employees, 35% of who are women, 25% are from the indigenous group, while one worker is speech and hearing impaired. Reflections is an equal opportunity and gender sensitive employer.

In production of art glass, Reflections uses very strict safety measures and emphasizes on superior technical disciplines and craftsmanship, utilizing the process of leaded, sand carved, laminated, etched, and beveled glass in our projects. Using techniques ranging from deep 3D carving to shading to surface etching, tinting and coloring, products are carefully finished with thoughtful creativity, imagination and sensitivity combined.

For more information on us, please visit our website at


Social Compliance - Code of Conduct

Concorde Garments Group is a responsible and ethical apparel producer and embodies, both in spirit and practice, internationally established codes of social accountability and ethical business practices. It recognizes and respects cultural differences and employs individuals solely on the basis of their qualification for the job. It identifies and works with suppliers and buyers who as individuals and in the conduct of their business abide by local laws and have ethical standards compatible to it’s own.


The basis of the various parameters that comprise the code of conduct are drawn from the following:


  • Ethical Trading Initiative
  • Global Sourcing Principles of Key Customers
  • ILO Conventions
  • Local Legislation


The following are some characteristics of our factories: Safety features:


  • Protective gear for Operators.
  • Clearly marked aisles and exits.
  • Separate spot removing room with exhaust fan.
  • Boiler room surrounded by 10 inch thick concrete wall.
  • Needle-guard for every sewing machine.
  • Metal Hand-Gloves for Cutting Operators.


Security Features:


  • CTPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) – Approved.
  • Barbed wire all along factory walls
  • Secure warehouse for safe storage of fabric, accessories and finished goods;
  • Close Circuit TV for surveillance;
  • Well trained security personnel;
  • “Carton” and “Finished Goods Storage” section accessible ONLY by authorized personnel;


Miscellaneous features:


  • No child labour
  • Time card system
  • Employee notice board to keep them aware of their rights and latest developments
  • Welfare officers constantly training the employees about their rights, and other relevant issues facing them
  • Loud speakers to make announcements if necessary
  • 2% of the workers are trained in using CPR
  • Floor mats provided to all employees with standing jobs
  • Training center for giving necessary education to employee
  • Separate clean toilets with for males and females with liquid soap and hand dryers
  • Lockers for all employees to safely keep their valuables
  • “Water cooling” system to provide workers a comfortable temperature to work in
  • About 4% of the workers are trained in how to administer First Aid.Employee benefits
  • No excess overtime
  • Paid Maternity leave benefit as per Govt. law
  • Doctor’s room with full-time doctor, nurse and 1 bed for every 500 workers
  • “Eid (religious festival for the Muslims) Bonus” given during the two Eids of the year
  • Safe drinking water for all employees (ground water that further goes through a process of filtration)
  • Childcare room with a bathroom, located near exit
  • Canteen with seating arrangement for 30% of the workforce
  • “Dry Food” shop for all employees
  • Clean and congenial working environment
  • Unused Annual Leave Payment
  • Airy and well-lit workplaces
  • 1 First Aid Box for every 100 workers